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Jobu Design "Wide Angle Adapter"

Jobu Design - Wide Angle Adapter Wide Angle Adapter - WAA3

$169.00 cdn.
Special Order Only

The Wide-Angle-Adapter 3 (WAA3) has been completely redesigned to allow photographers to quickly and easily mount a camera-body directly to a gimbal (in both portrait and landscape formats).

It can also double as a monopod tilt-head with its integrated 3/8"-16 threaded base.

Gimbal head users typically have a difficult time finding a way to get a DSLR into a gimbal head for landscape shots.

Small lenses do not have lens feet so you can't mount them properly.

Also body-plates for DSLR's tend to be in the wrong orientation for mounting in a gimbal head, plus they are not adjustable in any way for angles.

The WAA3 in your bag allows you to quickly mount your short lenses, video cameras, Go-Pro's or anything else you like with simple convenience.

WAA3. Specs:

Mounts into any Arca-Swiss compatible quick release.

The square base may be mounted left-right or front-rear

The WAA3 has a tension knob with many degrees of fine-tuning the holding power.

Locking down the soft-touch rubber knob will hold over 20lbs of weight.

Usable on either swing-arm style gimbals or side-mount gimbal Quick-Release systems.

Includes our standard 2.5" Integrated Quick-Release clamp for mounting to your equipment.

This can be re-oriented in 4 positions, should you so choose.

Includes the SF-BP1 body plate to get your started, in case you do not have a custom Arca-Swiss plate to mount to your camera bodies.

Custom plates are recommended for heavy Pro-DSLR cameras to prevent twisting.

Maximum weight capacity of 20lbs.

All aircraft aluminum and stainless steel construction.


Gimbal head with Arca-Swiss compatible quick release (if used on a gimbal head)
Arca-Swiss style plate for the camera or lens to be installed on the WAA3. ONE (1) SF-BP1 is included to get you started..

Also compatible with any 3/8"-16 threaded monopod or tripod.

Jobu Design - Wide Angle Adapter

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