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Warm Hands For Cold Cash Referral Program

Only available in Canada

We at Cool Photography Gear are hearing a lot of VERY positive feedback from our customers regarding their Heat3 Smart gloves. In fact we are so confident that once you try a pair of Heat3 Smart winter photography gloves you're going to want to tell the world or at the very least your Facebook and Twitter followers. And of course as soon as all of your photography, fishing, hunting and skiing friends see you with your new extreme cold weather winter gloves and wonder why their hands are freezing and yours are not they'll be begging you to tell them where they can get a pair.

This is exactly why we came up with the Warm Hands For Cold Cash Referral Program. Heck if you're going to refer folks to www.coolphotographygear.com the very least we can do is thank you by paying you every time one of your referrals makes a Heat3 Winter glove purchase.

You can register for the referral program in two easy steps:

1. Send an email to coolphotographygear@gmail.com with the subject line, "Warm Hands For Cold Cash Registration"

2. In the body of the email indicate your full name and the coupon code that you will instruct the folks you refer to our website to enter as they go through the order process. Your coupon code can be your last name, the name of your website or whatever you wish but make it memorable if you want to get paid.
Graphic to show where to find coupon code for resellers

That's it, simple as 1,2. For every glove order that Cool Photography Gear receives with your coupon code you'll be credited $20 CDN to your account with us. Every time your account balance reaches $100 we will send you a payment. (Paypal only)

Many of our referral partners have preferred to have their funds directed to a favorite charity to aid in a worthy cause which we are more than happy to do for you just let us know when you register.

We look forward to partnering with you and appreciate your assistance in spreading the word on what we consider to be the best glove for winter photography on the market.

Bill & Michael

The Cool Photography Gear Team.

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