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Heat 3 Smart Glove Reviews

Heat 3 Smart Glove

Review by Kathryn Murray
Well we are back from our trip to Cape Churchill where the temps at night were -40C/F. Mighty chilly shooting the aurora. However, thanks to the new gloves, no problem. The camera froze before the fingers. Our gloves were envied by many. Several others had them including folks from Switzerland. I think a few people will be buying them upon their return home. The gloves are their own best ambassador. So thanks again

Review by Todd Korol, Canon Northern Explorers of Light
These gloves are amazing, I just came back from a -20 degree assignment in Lake Louise and my fingers are loving me for it, its just what I have been looking for for my winter assignment.

Review by Alex Mowatt - Alex Mowatt Photography
As a wildlife and nature photographer from Ontario, I had the opportunity to use the Heat3 smart glove for the first time at a photo shoot in Montana. As they were experiencing an unusual cold snap it was a good chance to put the gloves through their paces. The temperature was a consistent minus 16 to minus 20. The shoot consisted of standing in one spot for an average of an hour at a time while firing off the camera. I just wish I had something similar for my feet. Everyone's feet were frozen. The gloves worked as advertised. I had the fingers out all the time and used one hot pack which was sufficient for me and was enough to warm up my fingers when I popped them back in the glove. My thumb, which is prone to a bit of arthritis, did get cold and I eventually kept it inside the glove and still managed to work the camera dials without difficulty. Anyone who does winter photography should acquire these gloves. They are awesome!

Review By Robert Carleton
After reading Paul Burwell's review of these gloves and then your blog entry I just had to get a pair. I ordered them through your new gear site and received the gloves within a few days. I must say I am impressed by the quality. My first impression was that the Heat 3 gloves remind me of my Canada Goose mitts minus the interior shooting glove. I will have to wait until next Winter to thoroughly try them out but they definitely have replaced my previous Winter photography gloves. I hope the hand warmers by the Heat company are also as good as the gloves as the hand warmers I have used in the past leave plenty to be desired.

Outstanding! - Review by Thijs M.
I came across these gloves while skiing in Flachau over Xmas. These gloves finally solved my cold finger problems I had for years!! Besides warmth the quality is awesome, also like the itouch function

Surprising how well they work with my iphone. - Review by Mr. Havering.
I normally don't bother writing reviews, but this product surprised me so much, I thought it deserves a few words. I ordered these gloves and they arrived this morning. But the real surprise is how good they work with my iphone. It's honestly as good as if you were using your fingers without gloves and typing is amazingly accurate. And yet your fingers are warm. When you use the thick glove, there is no need for the warming pads, because the material is so warm and yet not overly heavy or thick. I tend to forget a glove or loose them, but with the wrist band that can't happen any more. Great idea.!!

Good morning. - D. from Ontario Canada
Just wanted to take a moment to tell you how thrilled I am with your mitts. My husband was home when the parcel arrived and wrapped it up and putit under the Christmas tree. Needless to say I was so excited when I unwrapped my present Christmas morning. Now heading ice fishing for New Years and can't wait to try them out! Thank you so much for the great service! D.

A happy Mom says Thank You.
The products arrived quickly and were exactly as described. Our sons were very pleased with them and will get plenty of use.

Best glove ever! - Review by P. Ljungberg.
I saw them in a German hunting journal. It was reviewed as "no other glove came even near regarding functionality and quality". I had to order them although they seemed costy - but I was curious. Received them quickly. Won't miss them anymore. I have purchased and tried many through the years.They are the best pair of gloves I ever owned!!!

Barry Usselman
I have just received my Heat 3 mitts from Cool Photography Gear. I ordered the gloves and quickly received and email saying my gloves are on the way. Within just a few days I had the gloves in my hand. I tried them on and made sure everything was as stated and now have them filed away until the cold weather hits. Thanks Cool Photography Gear for making this purchase painless. I can hardly wait to try them out.

Hand Warmers

Review by Bonnie Linette.
Nice warm hands thanks to your pocket warmer+++++++++++++

Review by Andrew Harvey.
Great for cold weather. comfortable temperature after about 10 minutes. Heat lasts 12 hours as advertised.

Toe Warmers

Fantastic!! Review by Susan.
I use these in my cycling shoes and they keep my feet so warm I don't mind cycling in the cold!! I don't cycle for 6 hours so I put them together, wrap tightly in clingfilm and use them the next time I'm out. They work brilliantly. :-))

Review by Trish Harley.
Love em! Can now tolerate walking the dog during a cold autumn day!

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