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Jobu Design "Top Mount Flash Bracket"

Jobu Design - Top Mount Flash Bracket

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Top Mount Flash Bracket - FB-TM2

$149.00 cdn.
Special Order Only

Our Super Popular Flash bracket remains in a class of it's own with its simple no-nonsense design.

It does what it is designed to do very well, and that's it. No flipping, no rotating, nothing but solid secure straight-forward flash photography.

The FB-TM2 is also very useful for hand-held telephoto lens shooting.

Simply remove the lens from the gimbal and the Flash Bracket stays connected TO YOUR CAMERA for quick hand-held shooting.

Compare the functionality of the FB-TM2 to a flash bracket that mounts directly to the gimbal head: your off-shoe cord and flash arm will tether you to the tripod making removal of your camera and lens much more tricky and slow.

To shoot in portrait mode, simply use the telephoto lens collar.

WAA3. Specs:

Mounts into any Arca-Swiss compatible quick release.

The square base may be mounted left-right or front-rear

The WAA3 has a tension knob with many degrees of fine-tuning the holding power.

Locking down the soft-touch rubber knob will hold over 20lbs of weight.

Usable on either swing-arm style gimbals or side-mount gimbal Quick-Release systems.

Includes our standard 2.5" Integrated Quick-Release clamp for mounting to your equipment.

This can be re-oriented in 4 positions, should you so choose.

Includes the SF-BP1 body plate to get your started, in case you do not have a custom Arca-Swiss plate to mount to your camera bodies.

Custom plates are recommended for heavy Pro-DSLR cameras to prevent twisting.

Maximum weight capacity of 20lbs.

All aircraft aluminum and stainless steel construction.


Gimbal head with Arca-Swiss compatible quick release (if used on a gimbal head)
Flash unit compatible with your camera.

Off-shoe cord for connecting your camera to the flash unit, or a cold-shoe mount with a 1/4"-20 socket if your flash is wireless-triggered.

A Jobu Design NX lensplate or replacement foot for your telephoto lens.

All Jobu Design plates and feet have a 'double-dovetail' design with a V groove on both sides of the plate.

You need 3/4" (18mm) of free room to install the flash bracket to the plate, usually at the front or 'toe' of your lens foot-handle.

Jobu Design - Wide Angle Adapter

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