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Jobu Design "Sure Foot NX-4 7.0 Inch Lens Plate"

Sure Foot NX 4 Sure Foot NX 4 - 7"


The NX4 fits most larger telephotos with multiple mounting holes such as:

400mm F2.8

500mm F4

600mm F4

It weighs in at 4.9 oz, making it very lightweight for its size and strength.
Our standard 7" lensplate comes with the following features:

Hard anodized black finish

Double-dovetail design enables use of our Quick Release flash brackets (requires 3/4" of lensplate exposed past your lens foot)

Curved hard-stop prevents rotation of lenses

One 1/4"-20 captive screw

2x Safety-screw

5/32" and 3/32" allen keys

This plate is functionally identical to the NX3 (5.5" plate) but is quite long enabling terrific balance adjusment.

Please note it may be required to loosen or remove this plate to fit into some manufacturers hard cases.

Compatible with all Arca-Swiss style clamps***

***Please note we cannot guarantee fit with other manufacturers CAM-Type Lever type quick releases, only screw-type. 99.9% of customers report perfect fit but we do not have control over other company's manufacturing process or control their tolerances!!!

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