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Jobu Design "Pelee Monopod"

Jobu Design - Pelee Monopod Features:

3 leg section- twist lock

8x carbon fibre tubes

Extended 170 cm tall = 66.5"

Pelee Monopod
$167.00 cdn.
Special Order Only.

The Jobu Design MCF-36 Monopod is a tall and strong monopod that pairs really well with gimbal heads, making it an exceptionally mobile companion for a nature photographer. If speed and mobility are key for keeping up with your subjects then a monopod could be the solution you really need.

Customers who shoot small songbirds (warblers, etc.) asked us to create a light weight and highly portable monopod to kit together with their Jobu Design gimbals and lightweight telephotos.

Shooting small, flighty and jumpy songbirds can be highly frustrating as they move from bush to bush making them extremely hard to track - by the time you move your tripod and refocus they are already somewhere else.

A monopod gives you substantially more freedom of movement while completely eliminating vertical camera-shake and partially eliminating side-to-side vibration as well.
Collapsed 66cm = 26"

Maximum load = 10kg, 22lb

Weight 625 grams = 1lb-6oz

Fixed top-stud (3/8"-16) ONLY

Stainless steel spike tip with pull-on/pull-off rubber cove

Adjustable handstrap

Jobu Design Pelee Monopod
Bundle your Jobu Jr.3 or DMG-HD4 head with this monopod for freedom of movement, lightweight packing and dramatically improved stability over hand-held shots.

Expect an increase in your 'keepers' as your camera's optical image stabilization will improve

Shooting with a gimbal means perfect balance. Panning and tilting your lens eliminates the need to tilt the whole monopod forward or backward to shoot up or down.

Your gimbal will allow perfect friction free tilt movement - in a class of it's own compared to old-school full-friction monopod-tilt heads - these old designs are NOT meant for smooth movement at all.

A Jobu Jr.3 is a better monopod head than... a monopod head.

Jobu Design Pelee Monopod Jobu Design Pelee Monopod
Small footprint.

The low weight and single contact point allow your monopod to take up nearly no room next to your fellow photographers in the bush, or fellow

spectators in the bleachers (yes, they are GREAT for your kids soccer, baseball and gymnastics events!)

Absolutely useful for video cameras, point and shoots and landscape photography as well!

Jobu Design Pelee Monopod

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