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Jobu Design "Nikon FL Telephoto Replacement Foot"

Nikon FL Telephoto Replacement Foot Nikon FL Telephoto Replacement Foot"


The new Nikon replacement foot for the FL E-series lenses is finally here!

This LF-N604FL foot is rather taller and longer than we would normally design, but leave it Nikon to make this a challenge. The new E-series FL lenses have a large diameter lens hood and a neoprene cover which need to be cleared by the foot. The lens foot is also positioned far back on the barrel of the lens making it necessary to extend the foot a full 7" long to balance properly with light camera bodies.

Tested and balance verified 100% on the:
1. Nikon 400mm F2.8E FL
2. Nikon 500mm F4E FL (you may want to consider the LF-N504LP for this lens if you are shooting with a lightweight camera)
3. Nikon 600mm F4E FL
4. Nikon 800mm F5.6E FL
The LF-N604FL lensplate is designed to perfectly fit the Nikon FL Series Lenses.

Machined from 100% 6061-T6 'aircraft' aluminum.

2pcs M3x0.5 safety screws to prevent the foot (and lens!) from sliding out catastrophically from a gimbal head or ball head.

Premium M2.5 T-handle Allen Hex wrench for installing the foot and safety screws.

Hard anodized black satin finish

Standard 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 threaded accessory holes

1.5" x 7" x 1.45" tall

5.8oz, 166 grams

5-year warranty

Note: The original Nikon mounting screws are re-used when installing this lens foot. No additional hardware is required.

Compatible with all Arca-Swiss style clamps***

***Please note we cannot guarantee fit with other manufacturers CAM-Type Lever type quick releases, only screw-type. 99.9% of customers report perfect fit but we do not have control over other company's manufacturing process or control their tolerances!!!

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