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Jobu Design "Nikon 500mm, 300mm and 200-400mm Low Profile Replacement Foot"

Jobu Design - Nikon 500mm, 300mm and 200-400mm Low Profile Replacement Foot Low Profile Replacement Foot for Nikon 500mm, 300mmm and 200-400mm"


Important tip! When using Replacement Feet, always check to ensure that the original manufacturer's screws do not protrude farther on the replacement foot than the stock foot.

If the screws appear to be longer, DO NOT USE IT.

Please contact Jobu Design for alternate hardware.
The new LF-N504LP has been redesigned to properly fit and balance the 500F4, 200-400 zoom, and 300F2.8 VR 2 version lenses.

The original LF-N504 is very similar in size/shape to the factory foot for the Nikon, however, on this design we aimed to improve handling as much as possible while retaining the ability to carry the lens with the foot as a handle.

It is 1/2" shorter than our LF-N504 replacement foot meaning that it improves handling on very short gimbal heads, like the Jobu Jr.3, and is also very lightweight, at only 4.1 oz.

Clearance has been added for the lens hoods and we carefully repositioned the mount to allow for best balance with most camera bodies.

Made of solid aircraft quality aluminum, hard-anodized for guaranteed toughness of finish.

Includes M2.5 allen keys for removing original Nikon mounting screws (re-use original hardware to install).

Includes 2pcs of M3 safety screws, pre-installed..

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