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Black Rapid Straps - Sport Sling

Black Rapid Straps - Sport Sling Black Rapid - Sport Sling

$139.95 cdn

Topside Material: Ballistic Nylon
Underside Material:
1.0 cm thick Foam Pad with Knitted Mesh
Width of webbing: 2.5cm
Length of Brad: 50.5cm
Hand/machine washable, air dry.
The Sport R-Strap is BlackRapids strap for the most active photographer. With a unique shoulder pad shape and integrated Brad, the Sport strap securely fits to your shoulder.

Available in ballistic black. Comes with a LockStar.

Length : 166 cms
Width : 9.5 cms
ConnectorR : CR-2
FastenerR : FR-3

Black Raid Straps - Sport Sling

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