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Jobu Design "Algonquin Tripod"

Jobu Design - Algonquin Tripod Features: Algonquin Tripod
$849.00 cdn.
Special Order Only

Designed, manufactured, and assembled in Canada, and tested under our harshest conditions.

We have redesigned this tripod from the ground up to make sure it has everything you need for nature photography, especially suited for Jobu Design gimbal head use.

This tripod incorporates the strong and lightweight mechanical characteristics of the robust Jobu Design line.

It's versatile features allow for variety of shooting setups, whether it be flat to the ground, 5 feet up, and anything in between.

If you have a Jobu Design gimbal head, the Algonquin tripod is it's perfect partner.
100% carbon legs, designed for ultimate strength. NO FILLER.

62" tall extended, 27" folded (157cm/68cm). SUPER TALL


Tremendous load capacity of over

No cosmetic wrap layer to weaken the Carbon Fibre tubing

Foam leg covers (3 legs)

Jobu Design Algonquin Tripod Jobu Design Algonquin Tripod
The stainless steel spike feet allow
for ease of use in snowy/icy outdoor
conditions,and can simply be covered
with the included rubber caps at any time.

The angles of the tripod can be set at
standard 55, 25 and 5 degree angles.
Jobu Design Algonquin Tripod Jobu Design Algonquin Tripod
3 Leg sections for maximum stiffness. 36mm top-tube diameter.

Aluminum leg collars for strength and fail-proof use.

Stainless Steel spike feet (non-removable)

Rubber tip covers (pull on/off)

Flat top mount (no wiggly center column) - with 3/8"-16 mounting thread.

Capable of being used virtually flat to the ground

Jobu Design Algonquin Tripod

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