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Algonquin Tripod / HD Mark 4 Gimbal Photographic Kit

Jobu Design - Algonquin Tripod Algonquin Tripod / HD Mark 4 Kit
$1379.00 cdn. Free Shipping

Algonquin Tripod

Designed, manufactured, and assembled in Canada, and tested under our harshest conditions.

100% carbon legs, designed for ultimate strength. NO FILLER.

62" tall extended, 27" folded (157cm/68cm). SUPER TALL


Tremendous load capacity of over

No cosmetic wrap layer to weaken the Carbon Fibre tubing

Foam leg covers (3 legs)

HD Mark 4 Gimbal:

The DMG-HD4 is only 2lbs 2oz or 1010grams.

Suitable for lenses and cameras weighing up to 15lbs (600mm F4 + Pro body - No problem!)

A stiff tripod recommended for up to 25lbs of load. 3/8"-16 mounting stud required.

Even with a large load of camera and lens, there is virtually zero friction.

Easily adjustable friction levels with the main tilt-knob to find the sweet-spot for motion control.

Jobu Design HD Mark 4 Gimbal Head

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